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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

For love or Dogma

I was once at an AA meeting (whole other blog) and I heard a man get up and say "Hi everyone, I am John and I was born with an apposing view." Even the sad and sorry state I was in at the time couldn't keep me from chuckling at that statement. Mostly, because I related to it. I like to always take the other viewpoint. It has been a stumbling block at times in my life and my relationships with others. It has also served me well when I began to search for my own answers about the bible and Christ. I was able to think, too easily, outside the collective Christian evangelical box etc.

Lately I have been reflecting on the couple of hundred thousand different Christian sects there are and the equal number of different viewpoints. In a way it makes sense because God is big right? People viewing an unimaginably huge object from different angles are naturally going to view it differently. Not one person is the same as another. Everyone's views vary no mattter how similar some of us are. Historically this is the reason why the church has so many different split offs.

As I mentioned before, grace has been my gig for many years and Jesus crucified is my standard. But really, just lately, I have longed to be in genuine communion with my brothers and sisters in Christ. Whether they are inside the walls of the IC or not. I feel I need them, and heaven help them, they need me too. I do visit churches from time to time because I love the experience of worshipping God in the body. I dislike the church system but I do not despise or judge anyone. I actually think in the end that we are all ok.

I dont think the answer for the church or the world is going to be found my getting a group of people or all groups of people to believe roughly the same thing. Unity by conformity or Unity by uniformity only works if it is forced or if it is very temporary. Eventually someone has a new idea and splits and so on and so on until u have 2 thousand years of church history.

Unity in Diversity is God's idea. Same body, many different parts.

Unity in diversity can only work if we somehow can learn to place love above our doctrines or even our most precious beliefs. To be able to love as Christ loved us, laying his own life and position down for us. Man, he even forsook his own place as God and let us kill him. He took on sin, in his own body, so that he actually became sin - or so says the bible. He became the opposite of his very own nature in the name of love - for us.

So, I wonder whether we will get there. I guess we will because I think it his the Lords plan for us to get there. A place where we could even lay down the beliefs we know to be true for the sake of others, for the sake of love.

Would I be prepared to lay down my most precious, pet doctrine, truth or revelation for the sake of true 'Christ crucified' type of love?

Paul says he became like one under the law to those under the law and to those without law like one not under the law. I think that is freedom and love in action, working together.

Jesus said they will know we are his disciples by our love. He doesn't say we will be recognised as God's own because of some other truth or revelation or doctrine or precept. Only the love we live out with one another.

Actually, any Christians u talk to and the one thing that we all seem to agree on as far as the bible goes is that it definately tells us we need to love one another. This is not argued by anyone as far as I know. Yet though it is the one thing we collectively agree on, it is the thing we have collectively been unable to do.

This is so ironic I ain't sure whether I want to laugh or cry.


At 2:43 PM, Blogger SteveW said...

Can I suggest you laugh Simon. I don't think that God takes our rightness nearly as serious as we do. In fact he doesn't even keep track of it. He just looks at us all and sees the perfection of the Son. But man are you right. So many desire to love their dogma first, even at the expense of love.

If anything will help the legalists to escape this trap it will be love without boundaries, not arguing or debating to try to convince them logically. I suspect that our pride really distorts our logic anyway, all of us.

At 6:30 PM, Blogger Simon said...

Ya good words. Its the us and them scene that really gives me the shits. We redefine ourselves with a new revelation and we often feel we need to do that by constantly making a distinction between those who have it and those who dont.

At 10:49 AM, Blogger Luthsem said...

Hey Simon. Great thoughts!
Stay with the grace message and Christ's life, death and resurrection!

At 10:52 AM, Blogger Karen said...

>>Its the us and them scene that really gives me the shits.<<

Yeah.... :-)
It was 4 years before some good friends and I came to revelation with each other that we each had what some Christians would call "skewed" thinking about that God and unconditional love thing.....we agree on some things...and disagree on some things...and we don't worry about it.

At 9:00 AM, Blogger bjk said...

I want to get to the 'don't worry' about it part....I want to get to the love part.....

At 12:20 PM, Blogger Bar Bar A said...

I left a comment for you on my blog about stat counters :)


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